A Great Movie

Alexey describes his past, where he shows that he lived close to the Chernobyl NPP, but his family moved to America following the 1986 disaster. After his brother was 20, he travelled back to Ukraine to the Zone, and never came backagain. He had been chased by a set of stalkers who mistook him for a bandit, and they afterwards brought him into the magician camp. Alexey talked to Wolf about his position, who directs him along with a stalker named Seeker north to locate him. Wolf provides Alexey a silver bolt, and tells him it'll save his life . Wolf informs Alexey that when he would like to locate his brother, then the Freedom foundation is their very best choice. Seeker and Alexey move in the Dark Valley by 123 movies, in which they find a dead person. Seeker clarifies that it's been dead a very long time, and Alexey asks why it isn't rotten. Alexey informs Seeker he used him as bait, therefore Seeker allows Alexey maintain his very first artifact, a Jellyfish. As soon as they hit the Freedom foundation, however, Seeker employs the artifact and all his remaining money to obtain an AKM-74/two plus a Sunrise lawsuit , and they resume their trip.

They go towards Rostok, in search of Freedom's pioneer, Lukash, in the army warehouses. Along the waythey experience many mercenaries, and Seeker is struck by a bullet. After managing the mess, Alexey is astonished to find Seeker still living, and Seeker reveals him a Mika artifact, which reduces bleeding. Alexey and Seeker hit Freedom's new foundation in the army warehouses and they speak to Lukash. Lukash informs them that Alexey's brother has been dispatched along with a set of Freedom scouts into the North, therefore Alexey and Seeker go into the Red Forest. Seeker informs Alexey to find refuge, so that they run in the woods and into an anomaly area. Alexey is sucked to an anomaly, but he utilizes the spool Wolf gave him to rescue himself. They take refuge in a little building and remain there till the blowout is finished. After a time, Seeker and Alexey experience a deceased Freedom scout. Alexey asks if it's a bloodsucker, however, Seeker claims that bloodsuckers are not prevalent there. Alexey investigates the human body and they're ambushed by a Monolith squad. Alexey and Seeker remove the Monolithians, also Alexey can ascertain the positioning of his brother working with the PDA of their Freedom scout. They keep going and Seeker halts Alexey, telling him that if they get to the Wish Granter, it is only going to provide 1 desire and Alexey will use it in order to locate his brother and go home. Seeker retains Alexey at gunpoint and tries to do himbut Alexey is rescued by an unknown gunman. Alexey recovers Seeker's artifact and retains visiting Pripyat. Additionally, he kills a massive group of Monolith (combined with a couple stalkers, that can also be hostile to him), and upon exploring the entire body, finds his dead.

Alexey amounts the only way today is to visit the CNPP and give himself a desire. The Wish Granter speaks to himtelling him to make a wish, and Alexey declares"I want my brother to call home." Alexey pulls out his handgun and shoots on the stalker, and starts to lose his head. He returns to the place where his brother died but finds he's not current. He's got many memory lapses and says he has to leave the Zone.